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Tube extrusion

The necessary coordination of the different elements for optimal process quality.

For the extrusion of pipes (rigid or flexible), we will pass the material through a die with the same shape. Through the calipers and the refrigeration, we will obtain the diameter and thickness that we want.

The head has an external part that defines the diameter (the die) and an internal part (the core) that defines the thickness. This set of die and core is mainly responsible for the final quality of the product that we will obtain.

Cooling of the material is achieved either by a water bath or by using water spray. In this process, we eliminate the heat that may still be in the pipe after the material has been calibrated. The spray is the system that is usually used for pipes with a larger diameter since the extrusion speed is lower the larger the tube.

To transport the material to the cutting line, either a belt or a roller drag system is used.

Finally, the pipe cutting system can be done using a guillotine, radial saw, or planetary saw. The decision to opt for one system or another will basically depend on the diameter of the pip as well as its thickness, without forgetting what quality of material we are cutting.

In order to obtain a quality and competitive product, single-screw or double-screw extruders are usually used.

The most widely used material for the manufacture of tubes is usually polypropylene, although manufacturing with materials such as polystyrene or PVC is also proliferating.







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