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Cutting machines types.

We are going to talk today about types of cutting machines used in extrusion, not all methods have the same effective, each one has his specific behaviour depending raw material, hardness, thickness, the type of cutting we want or the production line speed.

There are mostly three types of cutting machines.


Rotary cutter

 The rotary cutters are optimal to cut tubes with small size, these cutting machines are designed to eliminate burrs and generate little bit dust of cutting, this cutting machine can make perpendicular cuts with no need to an internal array. One method to improve a lot this cut is to warm up the blades with heaters located in both sides. The rotary cutters function perfectly with materials like ASA, ABS, or PP.

Radial saw cutter

 These machine cutters are optimal to cut tubes with sizes between 25 mm diameter and 200 mm, there are really fast with big precision, there are useful in tubes and profiles of any kind of material, but is more currently used for PVC cutting, the radial machine cutters can make cuts in large quantity of angles.


Saw planetary cutter or planetary blade

The planetary machine are used for big pipelines, the raw material that we can cut are several (PP, PE, PVC, ABS…). The planetary machine cutters are very fast allowing to cut short tubes, even at very high extrusion speed.










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