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What is coextrusion? Examples of coextruded products that we manufacture

Coextrusion is a process by which we obtain a final product from the mixture of two or more materials that are different. These two or more materials are extruded simultaneously.

Coextrusion seeks to cover certain requirements, whether functional or aesthetic, when these cannot be covered with the use of a single material.

To manufacture this type of material, the process for its production is as follows:

In a hopper of the primary extruder, the main material will be dosed.

In the auxiliary extruder, we will put the second material. Also, with a special hopper, we will mix this material if necessary with additives or masterbatch.

We will pass both materials through the tools under previously defined temperature and pressure parameters, which will result in a specific geometry in a continuous section.

In the end, this process is based on the use of two extruders joined by dosing through the tooling so that when the molten materials cool, they are fully integrated into the same product.

Next, we will leave you some examples of products that we manufacture with this technique.


Here we work with polypropylene and a POS for a specific functionality:


This part is composed of rigid PVC and foamed PVC:

Here we mix different colours to get candy sticks of colour with glitter or of several colours in the same stick.


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